Our Product

We sell live, chilled oysters that are opened or “shucked” just before serving. They belong to a group known as “cupped oysters”, because when shucked, the bottom shell forms a perfect little serving bowl to hold the crisp meat of the oyster. They have a milder taste than many other oysters, such as the “flat” or “Belon” oysters native to Europe. Pacific oysters are presented cold on the half-shell, and eaten with either a few drops of lemon or lime juice, or a hot sauce such as Tabasco. Emerging light, sushi-inspired recipes also do justice to our prime oysters, which were featured by food journalist Daisy Jones in her culinary guide to the top 10 green-listed fish, “Starfish


Growout time: 8-10 months

Size: 40-50g



Growout time: 10-12 months

Size: 60-70g



Growout time: 12-14 months

Size: 70-80g

Extra Large

Growout time: 14-16 months

Size: 90-110g

Giant 1

Growout time: 16-18 months

Size: 110-130g

Giant 2

Growout time: 18-20 months

Size: 130-150g