Our Process

We farm the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas), a widely cultured and delicious species native to Japan. We use suspended or long-line culture, hanging all our oysters in cages in the rich waters of Saldanha Bay so that they can feed round the clock.

Our oyster farming process starts with the baby “seed” or “spat” oysters from various hatcheries, where they are bred under carefully controlled conditions. We plant spats in cages suspended on our long lines in the sheltered but rich waters of Small Bay, Saldanha, where they grow for approximately 1.5 years to maturity.

For three months ahead of being market ready, we lay our oysters in the pristine waters of Big Bay, which receives up-welled oceanic water from the Benguela Large Marine Ecosystem – one of the most productive coastal environments in the world. Regular Atlantic Ocean currents move through Saldanha Bay, carrying nutrients from the deep cool Southern Ocean. Natural plankton that gives Saldanha Bay Oysters their uniquely sweet taste and crisp firm texture flourish in these waters.

This is what makes The Saldanha Bay Oyster Company unique in our offering of world class oysters.